2020 Corporate Memberships

Qualification for a Corporate Membership. You must be an Employee of a Business that holds the Membership. An Employee is an individual who is on the Business's Payroll. Independent Contractors are not considered Employees. A minimum of 5 Employees is required to obtain a membership of this category. The Annual Dues at the minimum level is $2,250.00 each additional member is $450. Members in this category are able to add a Slip if there is availability, each slip fee is $325 in addition to your membership rate. The slip deposit of $150 (Due October 31st) is still required to reserve your place if you are a returning member. 

This Membership is due March 31, 2020.

As Corporate a Corporate Membership you are REQUIRED to host 1 event a year to be able to hold this Membership. If you fail to hold an event you will NOT be able to renew your corporate Membership the following year. Events can be simply a bonfire, movie night, beach activity, etc.. sponsored by your Business. You must have your event day in by March 31st.

To Obtain a Corporate Membership Form Click Here.

Should you have further questions please contact membership@chainoflakesyachtclub.com

PO Box 315      Fairmont, MN 56031


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